Hair to dye for! *.*

"How long does it take for you to do your hair?" "Huh, why so long?" "What's being done on your hair?" "Means what?"

I could hold a press conference to answer your doubts if I wanted to, lol.

Instead, I tried my hands on vlogging about the hair transformation process every time I visit CLEO! While each session is unique, they are also somewhat similar. Psst... This is the first time I'm experimenting with time lapse videography!

Last month, I was waiting at a taxi stand when a random guy from Pakistan, whom I'd never interacted with before in my life, came up to me and complimented on my hair change!

Him: "Hey I recognise you, saw you in the MRT train before when you'd purple hair previously. Very interesting! You Japanese?"

Well, that was amusing. And stressful - that means I need to be looking my best more often. :/

For the hair change this time, my hairstylist Ryo and I opted to shy away from strong colours, leaving more space for creativity at the next instead.

Crazy people playing around while waiting for the hawt stuff. The crazy hair I mean, not me. -totally not shy- *flicks hair*

The machine is a hair heater that will fasten the process of having the colour dye sink into the hair strands, combining them into one. What I'm doing here is the touching up of roots.

Once the roots are of equal colour to the rest of my crown, another layer of hair dye is applied to switch the tone to another colour.

Final colour part - the highlights with manic panic colour dye! Ryo dyed the bottom part of my hair grey. Then, he alternated bits of hair strands on foil and painted them in either shades of light pink or purple.

Ta-da~ This is the final result after hair styling. What say you? I'm always digging it fosho!

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  1. Hi 😊, Love your every hair transformation. Loving those outstanding colors of yours. Please don't mind if I ask, how do you maintain your hair colors ? Does through manic panic last ?
    As I also had my hair done at CLEO, really impress by them 😁
    SweeLing ☺

    1. hi, thanks for following each transformation! :) I use conditioner specially for coloured hair, therefore it does help a bit. Manic panic dyes ranges from different periods. some a week, some a month so it really depends. hope you liked CLEO! ^_^

  2. Super awesome!! You look gorgeous! How long did it last?

    1. hey, thanks! :) for purple colour, it does not last very long, unfortunately.. probably lasted me a week or 2?

  3. Hi! May i know how much did you spend for yoyr haor color in your latest video? :) thanks!