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cleo hair and make singapore blog

My hair is back with a bright colour! *does a bimbo hair flick*

"\(^o^)/ What's the mix this time, Jong?"

Well! As your eyes can already tell, there's a blend of both dark and light green colours. In case you're wondering, the neon green dye is from Manic Panic called Electric Lizard. Ugh, I was left in shivers after learning of the name because of my immense hatred for the reptile! Anyway, Ryo also built on his own touch of yellow and turquoise colours onto the messy hair affair. 

 Ryo is like this hair scientist who's always gamed for an experiment! There was once, long time ago, we already toyed with this green idea... However, Ryo made a slight protest against it then. Green wasn't exactly the best colour to go for; there weren't many who were successful in pulling off the look. Furthermore, the worst outcome will leave my mane looking like seaweed, or the newest attraction for birds, lol! In short, he didn't fancy the colour.

Maybe the bright yellow shoes that I wore to the salon played a part in the acceptance, we turned our previous scraped plans into a reality this time. No bleaching was required in the process since my hair left a bleach-y colour from previous dye works.

Many have questioned about my hair roots - no, my hair doesn't grow at lightning speed! Ryo chose not to touch them as much as possible since I have a sensitive scalp. Instead, he tries to achieve an ombre + highlight effect.

So, whatcha think of the outcome - heart it or bid goodbye to it? Let me know! ;)

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CLEO Hair & Make ♥
6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central Mall
Singapore 059817
Tel: 6338 5250
red velvet churro balls singapore blog
red velvet churro balls singapore blog

Following my previous successful experiment at making Churro Balls (read the post here), I attempted this easy red velvet version this time. I followed closely, but also made my own amendments to the recipe that I found here. This version of the churro balls tasted somewhat different from the previous, sans cinnamon. There was more of a chocolatey taste to it from the cocoa powder. While I didn't prepare any dips, you can opt to sauce your churro balls in cream cheese or chocolate. It can also be the perfect end to your meal with your favourite ice cream!

Let me know what you think if you're trying out this recipe. :)


50ml Water
1 Tablespoon Red Food Colouring
1 Tablespoon Caster Sugar (In my case, I used brown sugar)
40g Butter (~ 2.5 Tablespoons)
50ml Whole Milk
1 Tablespoon of Lemon Juice
65g Plain Flour (2/3 cup)
2 Teaspoons Cocoa Powder
1 Egg
Icing Sugar

1) If you have buttermilk, skip this step. If not, combine the whole milk and lemon juice to create buttermilk.
2) In a pan, add the buttermilk, water, red food colouring, sugar and butter.
3) Bring on the heat! Stir the jumbled ingredients together until the mixture boils.
4) Bring the pan away from the heat, then sift in the flour and cocoa powder. I had to use more flour since my mixture turned out watery.
5) Mix everything well.
6) Put the pan back on the heat while you stir for another minute.
7) Beat the egg separately.
8) Pour the beaten egg in the pan a little at a time as you continue with the mixing.
9) If you own a pastry bag and star nozzle, you can opt to make the traditional long churros. Since I don't have any, I made balls from using my palms.
10) Fry!
11) Finish up with dusting of icing sugar.
I was in Hong Kong partly for a work trip opportunity I had during my school holidays. Lucky me! :D Naturally, I was placed in the more business-oriented Charterhouse hotel at Causeway Bay. The elegant hotel is located between the vibrant Causeway Bay and Wanchai.

First look at the hotel, it was tastefully decorated in opulent wood that had this neo-classical feel to it.

charterhouse hotel hong kong
TIP: There’s a free hotel shuttle service that will ferry you to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre during the trade fair periods, by the way. I learnt about it when I checked in!

I stayed in their exclusive Signature Room on the second storey S Signature Floor. I was informed that the rooms were designed to inspire and intrigue each of the five senses – Sight, Sleek, Sound, Savour and Scent.

s signature floor charterhouse hotel hong kong
This is the most spacious room I’d stayed in during this trip.

EVERYTHING about this room was urban and stylish – yes, even their toilet! Despite that, there was this unique relaxing ambiance that definitely indulged my five senses.

In case you’re wondering, you can find a wide writing desk, ergonomical chair, Broadband Internet access (free wi-fi), controlled lightings, cordless phone & stations, extra power points and personalized stationeries in the room.

charterhouse hotel hong kong
Part of the bathroom!

They have their special rainfall shower makes you feel like you’re showering in the rain! Also, their shampoo, hair conditioner and shower gel are from Giorgio Armani! Is that atas or what?
gym charterhouse hotel hong kong
For the fitness buffs, their fitness centre is opened for 24 hours! You’ll definitely need it from all that feasting of delicious Hong Kong delights. Luckily I brought my outfit for workout – I sneaked in a short exercise before bedtime.

charterhouse hotel hong kong
charterhouse hotel hong kong business centre
I happened to be wandering around when I chanced upon this place. The business centre does exactly what its named – attending to all your business needs. There are iMacs, printers and scanners for your usage.

charterhouse hotel hong kong
Access to business centre is free!

le petit salon charterhouse hotel hong kong
le petit salon charterhouse hotel hong kong
Contrary to its name, nobody will be styling your hair for you here. Instead, Le Petit Salon is a pretty café at the lobby where you can grab a coffee or have a dessert.

charterhouse hotel hong kong
charterhouse hotel hong kong
Curious, I ordered their signature drinks.

The Le Petit, which is Hazelnut Caramel Latte, costs HKD$32. It is also available for takeaway. I also ordered their Strawberry Peach Lemon Tea because yes, I’m one of those annoying people who cannot make up their minds. It’s pretty good, and costs HKD$35.

I also had their crispy Croissant to satisfy my hunger pangs for HKD$18. I liked it!

charterhouse hotel hong kong
Am I a tai tai yet?
charterhouse hotel hong kong
Champs Bar is a Liverpool-themed bar you HAVE to visit! In my opinion, I feel like it’s this secret merry place people go to because of the not-so-prominent basement location.

champs bar charterhouse hotel hong kong
I’m not that much of a fan, but this is surely the closest you can get to Liverpool heaven in Hong Kong. Look at all the merchandises! I crashed the mini gathering of the Hong Kong Liverpool Fan Club that a friend dragged me to.

Since we were early, we broke into a mini photoshoot session. But then again, it’s always a photo-taking time when I have my camera with me, hahaha!

charterhouse hotel hong kong
Can’t remember exactly what I was drinking. Probably too drunk and high to recall. :P

harry's bar and lounge charterhouse hotel hong kong
If you think you haven’t had enough drinks at Champs Bar, don’t worry. Charterhouse seemed to have their eyes set on getting you drunk by the end of your trip, lol.

There’s another bar on the first floor called the Harry’s Bar and Lounge. While I didn’t spend my time here, the comfortable looking Chesterfield sofas do seem enticing to enjoy a drink on.

charterhouse hotel hong kong
the gazebo charterhouse hotel hong kong
The only hotel during this trip to have a restaurant, The Gazebo restaurant is a buffet delight!

charterhouse hotel hong kong
They had a huge variety of food for selection when I was there during lunch.

charterhouse hotel hong kong
All sorts of cuisines were available – Western, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and even Singaporean! You can D.I.Y. your own noodles as well.

charterhouse hotel hong kong
This is just a portion of what I had. You have to order the pizza separately. I had one of their Italian Classics which was large in size! Oh yes, they have salmon sashimi by the way, which I kept returning for more. Any buffet spread that includes sashimi in it is automatically awesome!

Check out this video that I compiled on The Charterhouse! ^_^

Needless to say, I enjoyed my stay at The Charterhouse very much. Work? What work? It was more of a combination of work and pleasure I’d love to experience again!

The Charterhouse Causeway Bay
209-219 Wan Chai Road, Hong Kong

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For this trip to Hong Kong, I was doing my research for that accommodation everyone was looking for - clean, inexpensive and well-located. One of the more interesting hotels I came across was Mini Hotel. They have 2 locations – 1 in Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣, and the other in Central 中環. I stayed at both!

I wanted a boutique hotel that won’t burn a hole in my pocket, and Mini Hotel met with all my requirements.

Mini Hotel (Causeway Bay)
8 Sun Wui Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

My first stay at Mini Hotel was at their Causeway Bay property, one of the prime locations in Hong Kong. P.s. they have a large, 3-level Apple Store nearby! *Lets out a little fan girl scream*

Causeway Bay seems to be surrounded by never-ending crowds! Mini Hotel @ Causeway Bay is a convenient 15-minutes walk from Causeway Bay Station (Exit F2).

If you’re lost, navigate your way to the more prominent Lee Gardens. Mini Hotel is located right opposite.

First look at Mini Hotel – I love the place already! Modernly done up, the hotel’s interior screamed in my style! It was elegantly decorated in calming tones, with pop of colours that pieced up the place well. Totally Instagram-worthy!

There were frames after frames of artistic pictures – from travels, sceneries, models, famous people, pictures of the past, etc. Made me ponder for a moment whether I was in a hotel or an art gallery! *.*

At the point of registration, I was handed a Handy Smart Phone that I could use during my stay. I’ll elaborate on the phone later!

The hotel’s guest area was a mix of contemporary meets traditional Chinese style. Doesn’t it look awesome!? The hotel also provides iMacs, free for guest use.

Rooms are categorized into Solo, Classic Twins, Mini Double and Smart Queen.

I spent my night in their Smart Queen room.

I always knew that hotel rooms in Hong Kong were tiny, match box-style. When booking a hotel, my constant worries revolve around space constraints. Though compact in size, my room was cozy and there was definitely sufficient space to move around.

Can I add how clean and tidy it is? My room was equipped with the necessities – free wi-fi, Satellite/cable colour LCD TV, toiletries and a cleverly designed safe under the bed. Most importantly, they have a hair dryer and kettle!!!!! They get plus points from me for that!

Do take note that the toilet is see-through though. It wasn’t much of a worry, but nevertheless, choose your travel partner well!

TIP: During the booking process, I specially requested for the rooms on Level 5 because they each have their own private outdoor deck!

This is the Handy Smart Phone that I mentioned about earlier. Each guest will be given one of these telephone tablets during check-in. During the period of your stay, you can even carry it out of the hotel! You’ll gain access to FREE 3G Data, local and international calls to selected countries, and a built-in city guide.


Other rooms include the Classic Twin room.

This is the other Smart Queen room.

I filmed a short video of the place. Take a look! :)

Mini Hotel (Central)
38 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong

The day after, I moved to their other Central location since I was more than satisfied with my stay at Causeway Bay. Since I travel solely on the MTR train, moving around was much favourable.

In case you’re unaware, Central is surrounded by famous Hong Kong eateries and attractions! You’ll be surprised by what you can find when you take a stroll around.

If you’re the party type, the location was nothing but convenient! Lan Kwai Fong is literally only a few steps away. Wyndham Street and Soho are also in the vicinity.

However, in spite of the close proximity to the lively entertainment outlets famous for its night scene, the rooms were quieter than I’d expected.

The design of the lobby was slightly more toned down, but still as chic-ly designed as the one at Causeway Bay. They even have a grand piano!

I was surprised to find a vending machine that’s meant for hotel guests to purchase a quick snack or bathroom toiletries!

Rooms are categorized into Solo, Mini, Smart and Smart Plus.

Once again, I slept well in the comforts of their Smart Plus room. I realized that the design of the rooms involve a lot of mirrors – perfect for the vain pots! Also, if you’re a private person, you might want to draw the curtains since high-rise buildings surround the hotel on the opposite.

The toilet was directly across the bed, similarly equipped with the necessities to start and end your day.

My room came with this lovely balcony overlooking the city. What a better way to chill in your room?

The other room I saw was the slightly smaller Smart Room.

All in all, I highly recommend Mini Hotel for the pleasant surprise at an affordable price. It was fine for me that breakfast wasn’t provided – this means I have the option to eat at the ones on my list. I don’t know about you, but this won’t be my final stay at the hotel!


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