Are you one of those affected by the increase of fares for public transports?

In my attempt to bring down daily expenses, I did a small research for a school project on the various ways you can subsidise your travel expenses by a significant amount, and thought I should share with y'all!

My fail "Step aside, I ain't gonna let you earn any more of my money" look.

Here are the 7 ways you can save on your public transport expenses:

1) Travel Smart Rewards (Insinc)

I'm sure Insinc is no stranger to many of us. For those who have no idea, basically it's a reward scheme that actually gives you money!

Through the Travel Smart Rewards, also known as Insinc, you can earn reward points each time you take the train. Wondering how it works? Well, for every kilometre you travel on the train, the Travel Smart Rewards entitles you to earn 1 point on weekdays. And with the points, you can use it to redeem for money!

You can also use it to play their automatic Spin to Win game, where you stand a chance to win random prizes with no additional effort. I'd already redeemed quite a few dollars!

Want to earn more points? The trick is to travel during the "decongesting hours" and to be consistent. For example, if you begin your trip at 9am instead of 8am, you'll stand to earn more points. One ride during one of the "decongesting hours" is identical of that of up to 6 times of what you would usually earn!

All of this translates into the more you travel, the bigger the awards! You can sign up or read more information here:

2) Transport Concession Schemes

Even with the increase in fares following the price adjustments, around a million of you will pay less for travel. This is all thanks to the offset by a slate of the new and enhanced concessions to go with the overall fare rise. With the new adjustments, many of you will fork out less with the targeted help.

The first travel subsidy of its kind from the Government, there are also unlimited travel monthly passes available for adults, students, national servicemen and senior citizens.

You can refer to the different concession schemes here:

3) Travel On Off-Peak Hours

Other than the monthly concession passes, you also have the option to purchase the Off-Peak Monthly Travel Pass (OMTP). Only available from 5 July 2015 onwards, I prefer this pass as it is a much cheaper alternative at $80, which is 2/3 the price of the Adult Monthly Travel Card.

If you travel at any other timing except in the mornings from 6.30am to 9am and evenings from 5pm to 7.30pm, I recommend you getting the OMTP pass. Don't hesitate to snap up the deal when it's available; it's a steal as the pass also offers unlimited travel on public transports on weekends and public holidays!

4) Travel Early

If you haven't already knew, together with the LTA, SMRT implemented the Free Pre-Peak Travel to drive more train commuters to travel earlier into the city. They have extended this successful scheme to 23 June 2015.
Are you travelling in the city area? If you end your train journey before 7.45am on weekdays to 18 designated MRT stations in the city area, you get to travel for free! As for those who exit between 7.45am and 8am, you get up to 50 cents off your train fares.

For more information:

5) Check Fare Calculator

Apps like and Street Directory not only offer directions to get around Singapore, they also provide the cheapest and shortest route options to and fro destinations. This means that you will not only know the directions from, say, Serangoon to Orchard, but you'll also be able to choose the most economical way from the list of fares.

6) Credit Card EZ-Link Cashback

With the right credit card, you get to earn cash back rebates!

If you own the OCBC Frank card, you can get 6% cash back rebates on all of your NETS FlashPay Auto Top-Up transactions (up to $60 a month). However, you need to swipe a minimum of $500 a month on the card. This applies to online purchases and NETS FlashPay Auto Top-Ups.

Others include the POSB Everyday Card and the Citibank SMRT Platinum Visa Card. If you apply for the EZ-Reload Auto Top-Up, you can get 2% cash back rebates. While the POSB Everyday Card has no minimum spending requirement, your cash back rebate will only be 1.7% if you charge less than $600 a month on your Citibank SMRT Card.

7) Free Shuttle Buses

The ultimate cost-saving way is hopping onto a free shuttle service. Instead of having to tap your ez-link card, why not opt for a free ride instead?

There are free shuttle services being offered at various shopping malls during lunch times or on weekends. Some examples include:


Tried any of the above ways before? If you have any other tips to share, let me know by leaving a comment in the comment box below! :)

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  1. That's informative! I think the most initiative from the public transport operator and the authority is the free early morning ride to the major stations in the city. It is a small incentive to ease human jam during the peak hours. Thinking more positively, white collar workers could motivate yourselves to go for early exercise before starting your day in the office.