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cleo hair and make singapore blog

My hair is back with a bright colour! *does a bimbo hair flick*

"\(^o^)/ What's the mix this time, Jong?"

Well! As your eyes can already tell, there's a blend of both dark and light green colours. In case you're wondering, the neon green dye is from Manic Panic called Electric Lizard. Ugh, I was left in shivers after learning of the name because of my immense hatred for the reptile! Anyway, Ryo also built on his own touch of yellow and turquoise colours onto the messy hair affair. 

 Ryo is like this hair scientist who's always gamed for an experiment! There was once, long time ago, we already toyed with this green idea... However, Ryo made a slight protest against it then. Green wasn't exactly the best colour to go for; there weren't many who were successful in pulling off the look. Furthermore, the worst outcome will leave my mane looking like seaweed, or the newest attraction for birds, lol! In short, he didn't fancy the colour.

Maybe the bright yellow shoes that I wore to the salon played a part in the acceptance, we turned our previous scraped plans into a reality this time. No bleaching was required in the process since my hair left a bleach-y colour from previous dye works.

Many have questioned about my hair roots - no, my hair doesn't grow at lightning speed! Ryo chose not to touch them as much as possible since I have a sensitive scalp. Instead, he tries to achieve an ombre + highlight effect.

So, whatcha think of the outcome - heart it or bid goodbye to it? Let me know! ;)

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  1. hi! Saw your post as I'm searching about cleo hair and make. Very pretty hair colours! Don't mind me asking how much did you pay for this? hoping not to get a shock when i decide to visit them for a hair dye service. Also looking at the manic panic dye! Thanks!

    1. Hey! Thank you so much for appreciating! :) I am sponsored actually.. However, they do have menu prices up on their Facebook page:

      Alternatively, you can call them up at 6338 5250. Hope this helps!