I was in Hong Kong partly for a work trip opportunity I had during my school holidays. Lucky me! :D Naturally, I was placed in the more business-oriented Charterhouse hotel at Causeway Bay. The elegant hotel is located between the vibrant Causeway Bay and Wanchai.

First look at the hotel, it was tastefully decorated in opulent wood that had this neo-classical feel to it.

charterhouse hotel hong kong
TIP: There’s a free hotel shuttle service that will ferry you to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre during the trade fair periods, by the way. I learnt about it when I checked in!

I stayed in their exclusive Signature Room on the second storey S Signature Floor. I was informed that the rooms were designed to inspire and intrigue each of the five senses – Sight, Sleek, Sound, Savour and Scent.

s signature floor charterhouse hotel hong kong
This is the most spacious room I’d stayed in during this trip.

EVERYTHING about this room was urban and stylish – yes, even their toilet! Despite that, there was this unique relaxing ambiance that definitely indulged my five senses.

In case you’re wondering, you can find a wide writing desk, ergonomical chair, Broadband Internet access (free wi-fi), controlled lightings, cordless phone & stations, extra power points and personalized stationeries in the room.

charterhouse hotel hong kong
Part of the bathroom!

They have their special rainfall shower makes you feel like you’re showering in the rain! Also, their shampoo, hair conditioner and shower gel are from Giorgio Armani! Is that atas or what?
gym charterhouse hotel hong kong
For the fitness buffs, their fitness centre is opened for 24 hours! You’ll definitely need it from all that feasting of delicious Hong Kong delights. Luckily I brought my outfit for workout – I sneaked in a short exercise before bedtime.

charterhouse hotel hong kong
charterhouse hotel hong kong business centre
I happened to be wandering around when I chanced upon this place. The business centre does exactly what its named – attending to all your business needs. There are iMacs, printers and scanners for your usage.

charterhouse hotel hong kong
Access to business centre is free!

le petit salon charterhouse hotel hong kong
le petit salon charterhouse hotel hong kong
Contrary to its name, nobody will be styling your hair for you here. Instead, Le Petit Salon is a pretty café at the lobby where you can grab a coffee or have a dessert.

charterhouse hotel hong kong
charterhouse hotel hong kong
Curious, I ordered their signature drinks.

The Le Petit, which is Hazelnut Caramel Latte, costs HKD$32. It is also available for takeaway. I also ordered their Strawberry Peach Lemon Tea because yes, I’m one of those annoying people who cannot make up their minds. It’s pretty good, and costs HKD$35.

I also had their crispy Croissant to satisfy my hunger pangs for HKD$18. I liked it!

charterhouse hotel hong kong
Am I a tai tai yet?
charterhouse hotel hong kong
Champs Bar is a Liverpool-themed bar you HAVE to visit! In my opinion, I feel like it’s this secret merry place people go to because of the not-so-prominent basement location.

champs bar charterhouse hotel hong kong
I’m not that much of a fan, but this is surely the closest you can get to Liverpool heaven in Hong Kong. Look at all the merchandises! I crashed the mini gathering of the Hong Kong Liverpool Fan Club that a friend dragged me to.

Since we were early, we broke into a mini photoshoot session. But then again, it’s always a photo-taking time when I have my camera with me, hahaha!

charterhouse hotel hong kong
Can’t remember exactly what I was drinking. Probably too drunk and high to recall. :P

harry's bar and lounge charterhouse hotel hong kong
If you think you haven’t had enough drinks at Champs Bar, don’t worry. Charterhouse seemed to have their eyes set on getting you drunk by the end of your trip, lol.

There’s another bar on the first floor called the Harry’s Bar and Lounge. While I didn’t spend my time here, the comfortable looking Chesterfield sofas do seem enticing to enjoy a drink on.

charterhouse hotel hong kong
the gazebo charterhouse hotel hong kong
The only hotel during this trip to have a restaurant, The Gazebo restaurant is a buffet delight!

charterhouse hotel hong kong
They had a huge variety of food for selection when I was there during lunch.

charterhouse hotel hong kong
All sorts of cuisines were available – Western, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and even Singaporean! You can D.I.Y. your own noodles as well.

charterhouse hotel hong kong
This is just a portion of what I had. You have to order the pizza separately. I had one of their Italian Classics which was large in size! Oh yes, they have salmon sashimi by the way, which I kept returning for more. Any buffet spread that includes sashimi in it is automatically awesome!

Check out this video that I compiled on The Charterhouse! ^_^

Needless to say, I enjoyed my stay at The Charterhouse very much. Work? What work? It was more of a combination of work and pleasure I’d love to experience again!

The Charterhouse Causeway Bay
209-219 Wan Chai Road, Hong Kong
Website: http://www.charterhouse.com

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