makisan foodpanda singapore
I'm sure we've all seen these eye-catching boxes with the word "Maki san" circled in the centre floating around our social media feeds before. These colourful designed packs hail from Maki-san, and they hold customizable sushi! Many have creatively recycled the boxes into stationery holders, makeup holders, etc. after use.

Maki-san is Singapore's first customized sushi and salad place where you can create your own exclusive sushi or salad. You can locate their outlets at The Arcade, The Cathay and 112 Katong.

makisan foodpanda singapore
makisan foodpanda singapore
Last Saturday, I was fortunate enough to have a space saved for me at the Foodpanda x Maki-san event at Maki-san's 112 Katong outlet! I had fun rolling along, especially during the Panda Maki workshop.

I was given my own set of ingredients to get started with, but hey, I'm no expert - before I got my hands on D.I.Y.-ing my creation, the experienced chefs from Maki-san humorously did a step-by-step demonstration as I intently looked on, trying to catch the main pointers on constructing the Panda Maki.

makisan foodpanda singapore
It is definitely not as easy as it seems. *wipes sweat*

Firstly, the sticky Japanese rice was difficult to manage, especially more with gloves on! It was only halfway through the attempt when I realized that I forgot to wet my gloves beforehand. After much fumbling and several ninja side-eye glances, trying to copy what the more confident people were doing.... I present to you, my badass-looking Panda Maki!

I honestly assumed that my Panda Maki would turn out a failure since I was purely trying my luck with the rolling. Thankfully, the shape came out rather well after slicing, even though the looks of it was somewhat different from the chef's example.

*Cues Not Bad meme* Brb, let me give myself a pat on the back. :P

makisan foodpanda singapore
I gave my Panda Maki a kiss and this happened.

makisan foodpanda singapore
I also had the exclusive opportunity of stepping into Maki-san's kitchen to D.I.Y. my version of the sushi roll. With the spread of ingredients to choose from, of course I picked to my heart's content. In fact, my sushi nearly burst as a result of my greediness!

While the rest opted for the usual seaweed option, I was perhaps the only one who requested for the special pink soy wrap. They have yellow ones as well - be sure to enquire about them before you place an order!

makisan foodpanda singapore
Thank you Maki-san for hosting the fun session, and foodpanda for the invitation! It has been awhile since I was able to make it for an event session - I thoroughly enjoyed this one. :)

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Causeway Bay is one of Hong Kong’s best shopping district indeed!

Just a few steps away from my accommodation at Mini Hotel Causeway Bay (read my post here) is SOLO Avenue. I’ve wanted to visit SOLO Avenue since Day 1 I was in Hong Kong actually... The rows after rows of stores offering modish designs of everything I love – clothes, accessories, artwork, etc., were rather tempting to keep my eyes away from.

Unfortunately, I only paid a visit on the last day of my stay around the Causeway Bay area, thus didn’t have the opportunity to fully explore the place due to time constraints.

Nevertheless, similar to my previous post on SOLO Mall @ Radio City, I will pick selected shops to share in this post.

SOLO Avenue
Address: 8 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay

solo avenue shopping hong kong
Unit G62, Ground Floor
Tel: +852 2793 3101

solo avenue shopping hong kong
Adelina is every girl’s sparkly paradise! With spotlights shining down on the crystals, no one can walk past the store without catching a glance of the bling through their glass windows. Adelina carries crystal accessories from Taiwan and has been featured on various newspapers in Hong Kong.

solo avenue shopping hong kong
Guys, if you’re stuck with gift ideas for a girl, Adelina might be the answer to your distress! The cost varies from item to item, offering a wide selection for any price range. I got 2 cute little jewellery boxes meant as a gift... Now I am struggling to decide whether I should give them away since they are way too precious!

solo avenue shopping hong kong
SilverMaster by Beauty Siah International
Unit 651-3, 6th Floor
Tel: +852 9138 3730

solo avenue shopping hong kong
If you’re into silver jewellery, another sparkly delight is SilverMaster, where they hold a collection of contemporary and timeless designs. They have over 25 years of jewellery manufacturing experience (silver masters indeed), mostly produced in cubic zircon and gems!

solo avenue shopping hong kong
The saleslady kindly walked through what they offered in the store, recommending me pieces that were popular and suitable for my age. You’ll also find yourself surrounded by a huge price range for any budget at SilverMaster, and I have to say, for the trendy designs and fine quality, the rates are rather reasonable!

solo avenue shopping hong kong
Mori Love Beauty
Unit 657, 6th Floor

solo avenue shopping hong kong
Obvious from its store name, Mori Love Beauty is for the beauty fanatics! (^_^)/ On the same floor as SilverMaster, you’ll discover a haven of organic cosmetics and skincare. The brands that they carry mostly hail from the West.

The natural products are perfect for those who have sensitive and allergic skin like me. They even categorize products based on different skin types! I regret not purchasing the products that caught my eye, like their mineral foundation and quirky lip balms, for example, because I think too much, and due to time constraints! :(

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You know what’s the greatest joy I find in travelling? Exploring what I haven’t.

If you’d scrolled through my previous posts on Hong Kong, you likely could tell that I hung around the Causeway Bay area rather frequently. I managed to stumble upon a couple of new shopping places during my time there.

solo mall radio city hong kong
SOLO Mall at Radio City
Address: 505 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay

Chancing upon SOLO Mall was coincidental. I was lost and wandering around the streets looking for a famous dessert store one night... Since SOLO Mall was packed with people waiting for the elevator at the basement, I plucked up the courage to ask for directions. One of them has to know the way, right?

During the process, I noticed something unusual – every one of them was holding on to a brochure in their hands. It didn’t take me long before I found the colourful stack behind me.

SOLO Mall’s concept was fascinating; owners leave their advertising brochures at the basement, potential customers browse through and pick the ones they’re interested in. Following everyone else, I kept a few brochures and headed back the following day.

While there were numerous shops that filled the tall building, however, I decided on 3 of them to share!

solo mall radio city hong kong
Panda Workshop 熊貓工坊
Unit 401, 4th Floor

solo mall radio city hong kong
Without a doubt, Panda Workshop is a place to visit if you’re searching for Korean skin care products in Hong Kong. You’ll find yourself surrounded not only by the myriad of products, but also posters of Korean celebrity heart-throbs pinned on the wall!

The owner Panda was nothing short of easy-going and approachable! We managed to hit it off exceptionally well, maybe also due to the fact that she was a huge fan of Lee Min Ho too. We giggled like little girls as my friends looked at us in confusion, lol.

Based on my understanding, she flies to Seoul regularly to handpick the top-selling products in South Korea to sell in her shop. Talk about dedication!

solo mall radio city hong kong
This is Panda with her most in-demand product at the moment. I bought a box of this acne mask for myself since it has received raved reviews! This thing is wonderous; now I regret not purchasing more, ugh. Anyone knows where to find this mask in Singapore? If not I’ll have Panda ship it here!

solo mall radio city hong kong
Confident Skin Care
Unit 601, 6th Floor

solo mall radio city hong kong
I went up 2 floors where Confident Skin Care was! They carry an assortment of exclusive and luxurious Spanish skin care products. I must have been on a streak of good luck because Eva, whom I spoke to, was also warm and patient!

P.S. She is G O R G E O U S omg, looked nothing like her actual age! *.* Must be the result from using the products.

solo mall radio city hong kong
I was amazed that Confident Skin Care also carry skin care lines specially catered for the guys! You don’t often see that around. Eva mentioned that some of her customers include male aircrew because of this.

And before you make up your mind on the big “purchase or not” question, there are various testers you can try to find out if they’re to your liking.

solo mall radio city hong kong
My favourites were from the brand, Babor. I have switched a part of my skin care to this brand as it is highly received even on the Internet! Needless to say, Eva swears by their products. In addition, she handed me a couple of other products to try!

Eva was a pleasure to speak to. She even recommended me good food places to eat in Hong Kong! I’ve got to say, my greatest takeaway from this trip has to be the friends made. Thank you for the generosity and for being supportive, Eva! I cannot wait to be back for a visit. :)

solo mall radio city hong kong
Gi.Quality Beauty & Cosmetics
Unit 1010, 10th floor

solo mall radio city hong kong
My last stop was Gi.Quality! Run by GiGi Liu, an International Makeup Artist, Gi.Quality offers a list of beauty services like makeup, eyebrow embroidery, eyeliner tattoo, etc. I chose to give her Make Up service a go.

GiGi used to work for NARS Cosmetics, therefore, has tons of experiences under her belt. With big clients like New York Fashion Week found in her resume, you know that she is someone you can trust your face with. She is like a walking dictionary when it comes to NARS, recommending to me her favourite products that are worthy of a try, even filling me in with the estimated prices!

solo mall radio city hong kong
If you ever face any beauty or makeup emergencies while in Hong Kong, don’t panic! You can contact Gigi via email at

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I’m certain we all recall of that time when action superstar Jackie Chan surprised Singapore with an appearance at Nanyang Polytechnic recently in May. He was there to attend the launch of the anti-drug mobile game application, Aversion.

As a fan of his, I did a little background check on the game. Apparently, Aversion is a collaboration between the Preventive Education Unit (PEU) of Central Narcotics Bureau and School of Interactive and Digital Media (SIDM) of Nanyang Polytechnic, to educate the public of the adverse reactions that follows drug abuse.

Following the successful launch of Aversion, I’m delighted that PEU and SIDM have since launched another new anti-drug mobile application called Nelzon!

nelzon game singapore blogger
Available FREE for download on both the Google Play Store and Apple App store, Nelzon was created with youths like you and I in mind.

I don’t know about you, but I have tried playing Aversion previously. Curious about the other mobile application they've launched, I got my hands on the Nelzon mobile game as well. Let me walk you through the basics of the game based on my understanding after playing!

nelzon game singapore blogger
The game starts with the Story of Nelzon, that avatar lying on the bed. We are playing this character. Nelzon seems like an ordinary boy on the outside, just like any of us.

Except that he’s not.

I remember being a teenager with countless of doors, both the good and the bad, opened for me. Being young and reckless, I was easily tempted to fall into the dark side. Nelzon is facing the same problems, except that his situation is worse. What decisions will he make?

I won’t be a spoiler and spill the entire story here; that, you can download the app and check it out by yourself. ;)

nelzon game singapore blogger
And then the game starts.

The levels of the games are counted in days. That means the more the number of days you are in, the higher your level! The total number of days will increase the longer Nelzon survives.

nelzon game singapore blogger
You have to continue running in order to live. There are a total of 5 different game scenarios, and you have to collect awards like coins, books, and power-ups along the way by jumping and sliding to keep going.

nelzon game singapore blogger
The power-ups that appear out of the blue are beneficial to Nelzon as they can either help him with the collection of coins and books or guard him against the obstacles and drugs.

nelzon game singapore blogger
Of course, it being an anti-drug game, you have to avoid the random appearances of “drug dealers” – namely that sly Evil Conscience who hides in your shadows and tempts you with drugs out-of-nowhere, and the Gangster who hides in rubbish bins!

nelzon game singapore blogger
Lost your life during the game on the first try? Fear not, for there is a “Redemption Stage”!

In the “Redemption Stage”, you’ll need to help Nelzon collect the required number of the ribbons in green to redeem his life. Failure to do so means that you’ll have to restart the game ALL OVER AGAIN! :( It is definitely OK to have a chance of redeeming yourself in a game. However, life is no game’s play! Drugs destroy lives and relationships. You would be foolish to fall victim to the drug scourge and let Addiction torment you. “Life Does Not Rewind”, so please say NO to drugs.

nelzon game singapore blogger
This is the Power Ups page where you can purchase powers with your coins and books, then move on to the next day.

nelzon game singapore blogger
Here is how badly I fared in my first few attempts. Now I’m getting better at it!

I am terrible when it comes to games, but Nelzon was uncomplicated and easy to get familiar with. The game was pretty much idiot-proof; I’m sure even kids will be able to beat your score!

TIP: I definitely found it easier and, therefore, preferred playing on a bigger screen (mobile tablets).

nelzon game singapore blogger

[ W I N ! ]

12 weeks. 24 winners.

Don’t say bo jio! From 26th June 2015, there will be 12 weeks of Facebook contests on the “Life Does Not Rewind” Facebook page. 2 lucky winners will walk away with $50 Capita-Malls voucher each week.

HINT! *cough* The contests require your knowledge on the Nelzon game. Don’t hesitate and start playing already!
geylang serai ramadan bazaar
The thing I love about Singapore is the union of various multiracial groups.

Everywhere in the world, Muslims are celebrating Ramadan. Right here in the little red dot, we have the yearly Ramadan Bazaars where Muslims can visit after breaking fast. In addition, they can purchase traditional festive goods at such bazaars to prepare for Hari Raya Aidilfitri. With many of them scattered around Singapore, the biggest and most buzzing Ramadan Bazaar has to be the one at Geylang Serai.

Believe it or not - this is my first experience at the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar! Previously, I used to look at the crowd in envy behind the car windows as my parents drove by, never stopping down to join in the festivities before.

This year, it's slightly different - I've finally decided to put an end to the curiosity in me. Since the bazaar was ending on 17th July, I quickly made my way down before I miss out on the talk around town. Armed with my wallet full of cash and my camera, I took the train to Paya Lebar MRT station where the fun awaits me.

geylang serai ramadan bazaar
Upon arriving at Paya Lebar MRT station, I took the exit headed towards the Singapore Post Centre. Following the crowd, it was hard to miss the bazaar that stretches down the road!

After double confirming that I was at the correct place, I aimlessly dived my way through the sea of people. Here is my experience and what you can expect:


geylang serai ramadan bazaar
geylang serai ramadan bazaar
If you arrive after 7pm like I did, be prepared to rub shoulders with strangers and be a part of the long queues! Muslims have broken their fast then, therefore a huge crowd starts coming in. The more crowded areas are obviously where the delicious smells of food float from.

Nobody got out of their stuffy bazaar adventure without sweating at some point, therefore do yourself a favour by dressing light and preparing your tissues. In addition, I say bring a fan along as well!


This is the main reason everyone is flocking here.

Brace yourself as you salivate to the kaleidoscopic food options that will bring out the heart shaped emoji in you! Trust me, you will want to come with an empty stomach as there are way too many things you want to munch on. You've probably already seen some pictures flooding your social media feed... However, mine's a little different - here's what I had!

geylang serai ramadan bazaar
This Grilled Squid was HUGE! It was impossible to give it a pass.

geylang serai ramadan bazaar
The must-eat at any bazaar. Ramly Burger stalls litter the bazaar, all with long queues. I waited roughly 30 minutes for mine.

geylang serai ramadan bazaar
Churros are one of the biggest hits at this year's bazaar. I waited 45 minutes for the Red Velvet Churros with Chocolate Sauce (you can make your own, read my Red Velvet Churro Balls recipe here), and an additional 20 minutes to finally have a taste of the Pandan Churros with Gula Melaka!

Though the texture was not to my taste, however if I had to choose 1 between the 2, I'd go for the Singapore special!

geylang serai ramadan bazaar
Cheese Chicken Kebab was another crowd puller. As I bought from 2 different stalls, I thought this stall was more generous with the servings.

geylang serai ramadan bazaar
Thai food is all the rage at the bazaar. Other than the Coconut Ice Cream that's circulating its way through social media, the Thai Iced Tea and Coconut Shake that's topped with ice cream from a drinks stall was also well-received! At the same stall, they also offer Nutella Milkshake.

Other interesting food choices to look out for are Fried Oreos, Fried Ice Cream RollsTraditional Snacks, etc.!


geylang serai ramadan bazaar
geylang serai ramadan bazaar
Expect rows after rows of traditional and modern clothing, Persian carpets, toys, accessories, mobile accessories, artificial flowers, japalang stuff, etc. up for sale!


geylang serai ramadan bazaar
I chanced upon this game stall out of the many there were at the bazaar and played for a round. Players had to burst balloons with given darts for $4. Prizes are given to those who manage to burst at least 4 balloons and above!


Oh, what have I missed out all these years!? I see myself going back at Geylang Serai's Ramadan Bazaar soon as I haven't bought all that I wanted yet despite being there for 2 hours! Huge place is indeed huge.

Have you spotted other interesting bazaars around your neighbourhood? Let me know about your experience! :D
apple hotel hong kong singapore travel blog
Apple Hotel, 蘋果酒店
Address: 1/F, 54-70 Lee Garden Road, Phoenix Apartment, Causeway Bay
Tel: (852) 3462 3333

Remember my post on Apple Dorm?

With my travel funds running low and following my search for budget accommodation in Hong Kong, the new friends that I made at Apple Dorm suggested I stay their sister property – Apple Hotel!

Apple Hotel is also situated in the bustling Causeway Bay. It’s a 5 minutes walk from Causeway Bay MTR Exit ‘F’. Their rooms looked decent in the pictures that I saw on their website. Moreover, free Wi-Fi and local calls were provided, therefore I decided to go for it. The room rate was SO CHEAP, considering that I booked a room at the hotel at literally the very last minute!

Located on the first floor of a historical-looking building, I admit that Apple Hotel was initially tough to find.

apple hotel hong kong singapore travel blog
When you do actually find it, you’ll realize that Apple Hotel is not the usual fancy hotel that you would expect. The no-frills place was not big in space, and there was a touch of modern design here and there. I would say that Apple Hotel is rather similar to Apple Dorm, except that the former offers both daily and monthly rentals and has an independent bathroom.

Since I was only staying for a night, I was on the look out for essentials.

apple hotel hong kong singapore travel blog
This is the Double Room that I called “Home” for 1 night.

apple hotel hong kong singapore travel blog
✓ 1 Double Bed
✓ Free Wi-Fi
✓ Free Local Calls
✓ Safe Deposit
✓ Password Lock
✓ Bathroom
✓ Bathroom Amenities
✓ Electric Kettle
✓ Hair Dryer

apple hotel hong kong singapore travel blog
I thought the place was pretty value for money if you judge by the cleanliness and amenities. I remember staying in a budget hotel during my trip to Seoul with a similar pricing, but it was much worse off than this. Furthermore, I had to share a common toilet with the rest of the guests!

apple hotel hong kong singapore travel blog
apple hotel hong kong singapore travel blog
I like how they thought about space constraints when designing the rooms. They made use of the space below the bed to put a safe deposit! You can also wiggle a luggage in there, which I did!

apple hotel hong kong singapore travel blog
While on my way out, one of the other rooms were opened for cleaning so I quickly sneaked a picture. This is also a Double Room.

apple hotel hong kong singapore travel blog
apple hotel hong kong singapore travel blog
They also have another room type – Mini Apple Room. What a cute name!

While I didn’t manage to take a peek, here’s how the rooms looked like. They also have a double bed, except that the rooms are much smaller in size.

apple hotel hong kong singapore travel blog
Credits to Apple Hotel

apple hotel hong kong singapore travel blog
Credits to Apple Hotel

The staffs were nothing but friendly, always doing their best to assist me despite having a pile of workload to handle. If you’re like me - a traveller on a budget but unwilling to share a dorm room, Apple Hotel can be one of the options for your accommodation!

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