I’m certain we all recall of that time when action superstar Jackie Chan surprised Singapore with an appearance at Nanyang Polytechnic recently in May. He was there to attend the launch of the anti-drug mobile game application, Aversion.

As a fan of his, I did a little background check on the game. Apparently, Aversion is a collaboration between the Preventive Education Unit (PEU) of Central Narcotics Bureau and School of Interactive and Digital Media (SIDM) of Nanyang Polytechnic, to educate the public of the adverse reactions that follows drug abuse.

Following the successful launch of Aversion, I’m delighted that PEU and SIDM have since launched another new anti-drug mobile application called Nelzon!

nelzon game singapore blogger
Available FREE for download on both the Google Play Store and Apple App store, Nelzon was created with youths like you and I in mind.

I don’t know about you, but I have tried playing Aversion previously. Curious about the other mobile application they've launched, I got my hands on the Nelzon mobile game as well. Let me walk you through the basics of the game based on my understanding after playing!

nelzon game singapore blogger
The game starts with the Story of Nelzon, that avatar lying on the bed. We are playing this character. Nelzon seems like an ordinary boy on the outside, just like any of us.

Except that he’s not.

I remember being a teenager with countless of doors, both the good and the bad, opened for me. Being young and reckless, I was easily tempted to fall into the dark side. Nelzon is facing the same problems, except that his situation is worse. What decisions will he make?

I won’t be a spoiler and spill the entire story here; that, you can download the app and check it out by yourself. ;)

nelzon game singapore blogger
And then the game starts.

The levels of the games are counted in days. That means the more the number of days you are in, the higher your level! The total number of days will increase the longer Nelzon survives.

nelzon game singapore blogger
You have to continue running in order to live. There are a total of 5 different game scenarios, and you have to collect awards like coins, books, and power-ups along the way by jumping and sliding to keep going.

nelzon game singapore blogger
The power-ups that appear out of the blue are beneficial to Nelzon as they can either help him with the collection of coins and books or guard him against the obstacles and drugs.

nelzon game singapore blogger
Of course, it being an anti-drug game, you have to avoid the random appearances of “drug dealers” – namely that sly Evil Conscience who hides in your shadows and tempts you with drugs out-of-nowhere, and the Gangster who hides in rubbish bins!

nelzon game singapore blogger
Lost your life during the game on the first try? Fear not, for there is a “Redemption Stage”!

In the “Redemption Stage”, you’ll need to help Nelzon collect the required number of the ribbons in green to redeem his life. Failure to do so means that you’ll have to restart the game ALL OVER AGAIN! :( It is definitely OK to have a chance of redeeming yourself in a game. However, life is no game’s play! Drugs destroy lives and relationships. You would be foolish to fall victim to the drug scourge and let Addiction torment you. “Life Does Not Rewind”, so please say NO to drugs.

nelzon game singapore blogger
This is the Power Ups page where you can purchase powers with your coins and books, then move on to the next day.

nelzon game singapore blogger
Here is how badly I fared in my first few attempts. Now I’m getting better at it!

I am terrible when it comes to games, but Nelzon was uncomplicated and easy to get familiar with. The game was pretty much idiot-proof; I’m sure even kids will be able to beat your score!

TIP: I definitely found it easier and, therefore, preferred playing on a bigger screen (mobile tablets).

nelzon game singapore blogger

[ W I N ! ]

12 weeks. 24 winners.

Don’t say bo jio! From 26th June 2015, there will be 12 weeks of Facebook contests on the “Life Does Not Rewind” Facebook page. 2 lucky winners will walk away with $50 Capita-Malls voucher each week.

HINT! *cough* The contests require your knowledge on the Nelzon game. Don’t hesitate and start playing already!

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