makisan foodpanda singapore
I'm sure we've all seen these eye-catching boxes with the word "Maki san" circled in the centre floating around our social media feeds before. These colourful designed packs hail from Maki-san, and they hold customizable sushi! Many have creatively recycled the boxes into stationery holders, makeup holders, etc. after use.

Maki-san is Singapore's first customized sushi and salad place where you can create your own exclusive sushi or salad. You can locate their outlets at The Arcade, The Cathay and 112 Katong.

makisan foodpanda singapore
makisan foodpanda singapore
Last Saturday, I was fortunate enough to have a space saved for me at the Foodpanda x Maki-san event at Maki-san's 112 Katong outlet! I had fun rolling along, especially during the Panda Maki workshop.

I was given my own set of ingredients to get started with, but hey, I'm no expert - before I got my hands on D.I.Y.-ing my creation, the experienced chefs from Maki-san humorously did a step-by-step demonstration as I intently looked on, trying to catch the main pointers on constructing the Panda Maki.

makisan foodpanda singapore
It is definitely not as easy as it seems. *wipes sweat*

Firstly, the sticky Japanese rice was difficult to manage, especially more with gloves on! It was only halfway through the attempt when I realized that I forgot to wet my gloves beforehand. After much fumbling and several ninja side-eye glances, trying to copy what the more confident people were doing.... I present to you, my badass-looking Panda Maki!

I honestly assumed that my Panda Maki would turn out a failure since I was purely trying my luck with the rolling. Thankfully, the shape came out rather well after slicing, even though the looks of it was somewhat different from the chef's example.

*Cues Not Bad meme* Brb, let me give myself a pat on the back. :P

makisan foodpanda singapore
I gave my Panda Maki a kiss and this happened.

makisan foodpanda singapore
I also had the exclusive opportunity of stepping into Maki-san's kitchen to D.I.Y. my version of the sushi roll. With the spread of ingredients to choose from, of course I picked to my heart's content. In fact, my sushi nearly burst as a result of my greediness!

While the rest opted for the usual seaweed option, I was perhaps the only one who requested for the special pink soy wrap. They have yellow ones as well - be sure to enquire about them before you place an order!

makisan foodpanda singapore
Thank you Maki-san for hosting the fun session, and foodpanda for the invitation! It has been awhile since I was able to make it for an event session - I thoroughly enjoyed this one. :)

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  1. I would love to win this as I love customizing my own meal and sushi is my favourite food! liked :)
    Amy G Lin

  2. hope to be the lucky one! (:

  3. Ohhh I really love Maki San!
    Their sushi are flavorful and wallet friendly :)
    I'm a picky eater so I'm overwhelmed when I can custom the ingredients I like in this rice roll. The packaging and the restaurant deco is so cute and makes my mood and dining experience a joyful one! Liked and Shared.