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Monday-Friday tees bought on Taobao through Skycart. Been getting positive feedbacks about them. ;) Links to which seller I'd purchased from can be found on their website.

*First things first, this is NOT an advertorial post. Yes, I did work with Skycart previously for Instagram postings. However, I wasn't asked/paid to produce an article on this blog. All opinions in this post are solely mine; I'm sharing my experience willingly in hopes to provide insight to readers and friends who have shown interest in giving Skycart a go.

If you follow me on my Instagram, you should notice my mentions about Skycart lately. For those who aren't aware, Skycart is this new online shopping agent in Singapore that connects you to the online world of shopping sites from China and the U.S. I was introduced to it recently by a good friend who was equally obsessed with online shopping as I was.

I use Skycart to bring me my items from my favouritest online shopping Chinese site, Taobao, a popular virtual marketplace where you can practically find ANYTHING at dirt cheap prices. I had been making my purchases directly via the Taobao website all along since reading through all that Chinese was not an issue for me. However, I made the switch to using Skycart recently because of the cheaper shipping fees (through sea). It takes much longer for my purchases to arrive, but I'm fine with that.

I've friends who keep bugging me to help them with their purchases, therefore this post shall serve as a guide to the lost shopaholics. It's rather straightforward; even a blur person like myself had no issues grasping the mechanics of how everything works. You can thank me later, heh!

Without further ado, here's how you can Taobao without Chinese via Skycart:

1) Open Up SkyCart & Taobao

I prefer surfing Taobao on the Google Chrome browser since you can conveniently use Google Translate. While it may not be accurate all the time, but I roughly agar-agar my way through.

skycart singapore taobao agent blog
skycart singapore taobao agent blog

I'm going to skip the part on how to use Taobao since there is already a broad list of pre-existing tutorials. But let me introduce you to my hack: usually I use the picture upload function on the search bar to scan for what I am looking for. I also go for shops with a lot of crowns since they are supposedly more reliable.

I also like the #skycartishere and Marketplace feature which you can find on the Skycart homepage. They provide pictures of the real / recommended items and direct links to where you can purchase them.

2) Copy & Paste Link

skycart singapore taobao agent blog
After stocking up the items that I wish to purchase on my Taobao shopping cart, I simply copy the link of each item and paste it in the Grab box on Skycart. Chotto matte, as Skycart is grabbing the item for you!

3) You Want This

Once it's done loading, you will be brought to a different page. Double check that it is the item you'd picked.

skycart singapore taobao agent blog

Skycart has conveniently listed down the Selling Price and Domestic Fee in China (dependent on sellers; some are free) for you in English. Click on I Want This.

4) Confirm Your Purchase

skycart singapore taobao agent blog
Choose the right size and colour, then click on Cart This. You can continue shopping using the same method of copy-paste links before clicking on Checkout when you're ready.

skycart singapore taobao agent blog

You should be brought to this page where you're shown the total cost of your items in summary. Click on Proceed to Shipment.

5) 1st Payment

Product Price + Domestic (China) Shipping Fees = 1st Payment

skycart singapore taobao agent blog
Pick your preferred shipping and collection method. You pay for that once Skycart confirms the total weight X rate of your items in the 2nd payment, after your stuff arrives.

I like how they have a rough estimation date of when the items will reach the Singapore warehouse!

Proceed to Payment when you have made up your mind.

skycart singapore taobao agent blog
You will be brought over to do the final payment via Skypay.

skycart singapore taobao agent blog
Skycart uses the pre-pay method; meaning, you have to top-up credits into your account. Payment will be deducted from the credits that you have. You can make a top-up via iBanking/ATM or Paypal. I like how everything is conveniently in SGD!

6) Order Tracking

Wait for your items to arrive! There should be a Order Tracking page you can refer to.

7) 2nd Payment

When your purchases have arrived in Singapore, you will receive an email like this to inform you of 2nd payment and Collection.

skycart singapore taobao agent blog
skycart singapore taobao agent blog
International Shipping Fees (Volumetric Weight) + Agent Fee = 2nd Payment

8) Collection

There are 3 ways to collect your purchases: Home Delivery, Warehouse Collection and Collection Point.

If you opt for home delivery, extra costs will be incurred to the final bill.

skycart singapore taobao agent blog

skycart singapore taobao agent blog
skycart singapore taobao agent blog
skycart singapore taobao agent blog
Home Delivery

If you bought too much to handle and chose for your goods to be delivered right to your doorstep, you can pick from the following timings:
9am - 12pm
12pm - 3pm
3pm - 6pm
6pm - 10pm

Warehouse Collection and Collection Points are free-of-charge, but you still have to choose a timing.

25 Tai Seng Avenue #04-02
Scorpio East Building S(534104)

Time slots for collection:
10 am - 12 pm
12pm - 3pm
3pm - 7pm

Collection Points
They have many scattered all over Singapore. Check their website for more information!

9) Receive Your Items!

I chose Home Delivery since it was the fuss-free option and there's always someone at home to receive my purchases on my behalf anyway. You will receive a text message when delivery is on the way!

skycart singapore taobao agent blog
skycart singapore taobao agent blog
To my surprise, I came home to my items packed individually and neatly in a huge plastic bag for me! When I purchased from the Taobao website itself previously, they threw whatever packages they received into a big dirty sack.

Apparently the people in Skycart's China warehouse will unpack and check the items visually to make sure the items are good to go. If not, they will probably contact you separately should they think you require an exchange or return. Saves all the trouble of shipping your items all the way to China and back! *thumbs up*

skycart singapore taobao agent blog
This off-shoulder floral romper that I'm wearing is one of the items I'd bought. The kind folks over at Skycart also threw in their unique tote bag with a design that I absolutely adore, thank you! ^_^

The hardworking people have also made a page and video on how to buy on Skycart:

Don't worry, if you ever need help, you can always click on the menu and live support by the side.

Have fun shopping you guys, woohoo! :D
So, I’d received feedback about how helpful my posts on Hong Kong were. There were some who even bookmarked/tried my recommendations when they were there; thank you for finding my posts helpful! :') There are still a couple more posts I’m looking forward to share. However, it’s unfortunate that my current workload doesn’t allow me much time to update as frequently... Nevertheless, I’ll try my best! *cues muscle emoji*

Anyway, remember in one of my previous posts I introduced SOLO Mall @ Radio City, Causeway Bay? Apparently, there is another SOLO Mall in Sai Wan, located right beside Apple Dorm @ Sai Ying Pun!

solo mall sai wan hong kong
The design concept of both malls were similar – the shops had enticing transparent full-length windows for shoppers to glance through the insides of what each shop unit has to offer.

solo mall sai wan hong kong
SOLO Mall at Sai Wan
Address: 129 Connaught Road West, Sai Wan

Curious (and because I had a lot of free time on my hands), I stepped in for a quick browse around the ground floor. While there were more than a handful number of shops that I’d expected, here are some of my favourites!

solo mall sai wan hong kong
Holy Honey
Shop #G83

If you stalk me on my social media accounts, you could probably tell that I’m rather immersed into the Korean culture. Besides laughing my heads off while having my eyes peeled on Korean variety shows, on top of indulging myself in the mouthwatering Korean cuisine which cultivated my love for kimchi, I’m also fond of the K-style in regards to fashion preferences.

Needless to say, the cool and hip cutting-edge Korean fashion displays at Holy Honey caught my attention practically immediately after I set my eyes on the inside of the shop. You’ll find the items for sale being organized and placed in a minimalistic manner.

solo mall sai wan hong kong
solo mall sai wan hong kong
I learnt from their staff that each item was indeed carefully picked and imported directly from Korea! Also, you could tell that the quality of the material used for each piece of clothing was good. I especially adored this oversized bulldog tee that my eyes couldn’t help but left repeated gazes on. It’s a versatile piece – you could go casual, or girly, or even crazy street style with it!

solo mall sai wan hong kong
Love Giggles Co.
Shop #G78

Customization for ANYTHING is huge in demand these days. This next shop, Love Giggles Co., is one of the more popular customization shops in Hong Kong! Bring your art alive as they offer handmade drawing services where you can have your own style of tee, shoes and even bags!

solo mall sai wan hong kong
This is the place to visit if you’re on the lookout to create a thoughtful handmade gift. I saw a creative customer who drew his own artwork into a matching tee and shoe! In case you’re wondering, prices range from HKD$250-400. Do take note that it takes around 2 weeks for your items to be ready for collection.

solo mall sai wan hong kong
Here’s an example of a little girl’s drawing being transferred onto a shoe. This is too precious!

solo mall sai wan hong kong
Shop #G86

Lastly, Mercury was another shop unit that I stumbled upon. They sold clothing and accessories that were a mix of everyday styles to totally unique ones.

solo mall sai wan hong kong
solo mall sai wan hong kong
You can find an entire collection of specially handmade accessories at Mercury! I especially loved these with a surrounding glass layer. I definitely didn’t leave the shop empty-handed – it was too difficult to resist walking out without buying something, therefore I got myself a couple of rings for gifts!

I might be giving away a little something on my Facebook page for giveaway; look out for it! :)

To view all my posts on Hong Kong:

Happy 50th birthday, Singapore! :D

I was out of my house by 8am this morning to be a part of the National Day Observance Ceremony event at Bishan East. Believe it or not, this is my first community event! Honestly? What I had in mind as a sleepy event held that early turned out to be an energetic one with long and snaking queues that seemed to have no end!

What a meaningful way to kickstart the day as Singaporeans like myself heard founding prime minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew's reading of the Proclamation of Independence at 9am for the first time through the screens. If you weren't at any of the events, did you at least catch it on your TV screens?

Mr Wong Kan Seng, Grassroots Adviser to Bishan-Toa Payoh Grassroots Organisations, graced this ceremony I was at, therefore I had the honour of meeting him. I'll share more pictures taken today with y'all soon!

Right now I'm headed out for the National Day Parade at the Marina Bay floating platform! Omg, the last time I attended NDP was at the old National Stadium when I was 11. I kinda lost hope when my ballot for the hugely in-demand NDP tickets was unsuccessful. Of all years, this is a must-go! T^T I was this close to booking the next flight somewhere... Thankfully, I made the wise decision of staying put on my island home as the kind folks at the People's Association had extra for me, so ta-dah~ I hope my pictures turn out pretty!

P.s. That red shirt I'm wearing is from PA! I got my hands on it during the ceremony. They launched this Pixel Padang game, check it out!

Have a million things to share, but I'll talk to you guys later. You can check out my updates on and I hope you are enjoying your long Jubilee Weekend! Enjoy the long awaited SG50 alright, bye! :)