Happy 50th birthday, Singapore! :D

I was out of my house by 8am this morning to be a part of the National Day Observance Ceremony event at Bishan East. Believe it or not, this is my first community event! Honestly? What I had in mind as a sleepy event held that early turned out to be an energetic one with long and snaking queues that seemed to have no end!

What a meaningful way to kickstart the day as Singaporeans like myself heard founding prime minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew's reading of the Proclamation of Independence at 9am for the first time through the screens. If you weren't at any of the events, did you at least catch it on your TV screens?

Mr Wong Kan Seng, Grassroots Adviser to Bishan-Toa Payoh Grassroots Organisations, graced this ceremony I was at, therefore I had the honour of meeting him. I'll share more pictures taken today with y'all soon!

Right now I'm headed out for the National Day Parade at the Marina Bay floating platform! Omg, the last time I attended NDP was at the old National Stadium when I was 11. I kinda lost hope when my ballot for the hugely in-demand NDP tickets was unsuccessful. Of all years, this is a must-go! T^T I was this close to booking the next flight somewhere... Thankfully, I made the wise decision of staying put on my island home as the kind folks at the People's Association had extra for me, so ta-dah~ I hope my pictures turn out pretty!

P.s. That red shirt I'm wearing is from PA! I got my hands on it during the ceremony. They launched this Pixel Padang game, check it out! http://pixelpadang.com.sg

Have a million things to share, but I'll talk to you guys later. You can check out my updates on http://instagram.com/iisjong and http://instagram.com/iisjongz. I hope you are enjoying your long Jubilee Weekend! Enjoy the long awaited SG50 alright, bye! :)

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