Are you a fan of McDonald's Ebi Burger like me? *hands up legs up*

mcdonalds blog singapore ebi kase cereal burger sweet potato fries mango chill
Well, we're in for something better and I can't contain my excitement to share this piece of news with y'all any longer!

Come 3 September, McDonald's will introduce their NEW Cereal Ebi Burger on the menu, but for a limited time only. In case you aren't aware, ebi means prawn in Japanese. I was one of the first few lucky ones in Singapore to have sunk my teeth into the new delight at McDonald's special preview event.

mcdonalds blog singapore ebi kase cereal burger
McDonald's, you're doing it right.

I preferred the new Cereal Ebi Burger as compared to their previous one. This fusion hit the right notes for me. Firstly, the flower-shaped buns were topped with white sesame and chive, which was a clear distinction from their regular buns. While the patty with whole and plump shrimps remained more or less similar, there was more crunch with the cereal coating.

In addition, I think Singaporeans will love their shrimp paste flavoured mayo sauce with a manageable spicy kick.

mcdonalds blog singapore ebi kase cereal burger sweet potato fries mango chill
McDonald's also welcomed the new Sweet Potato Fries addition to their sides.

Man, were they ADDICTIVE! It's about time this famous street snack in Taiwan appeared on their menu. The sweet potato fries looked exactly like their famous french fries - thin and long. Unlike other sweet potato fries that I've had, these were crispy and didn't turn soggy as quick. I loved the taste of sweet and salty coming together. #WeirdTasteBuds

Dear McDonald's, please make these fries a regular!

For a full Ebi-Kase experience, I recommend you grab their Cereal Ebi Special. The set includes a Single Cereal Ebi, Coca-Cola (S) and Sweet Potato Fries (M) for $7.45. For a healthier meal, you have the option to swap your side for a corn cup, free-of-charge. Alternatively, you can top up $1.20 for Garden Side Salad.

mcdonalds blog singapore honeydew mcflurry
For people in the Sweet Tooth Club like myself, don't worry, McDonald's didn't leave us out.

The Honeydew McFlurry ($2.90) will deliver a sweet ending to your meal. I admit, there was a slight difference from how it looked on the brochure VS in real life... To add on, the taste was too sweet for my liking. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the accompanying abundance of crunch bits with every mouthful of ice cream.

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