It was difficult to miss this hot couple living right next door.

good hong kong serviced apartments singapore travel blog
Meet Pace, 39, and Lam, 24, my good-looking neighbours whom I’d bumped into during my stay at the Good Hong Kong Serviced Apartments in Hong Kong. Met and fell in love in Portugal, the adventurous Scottish and Brazilian couldn’t stop the flow of interesting stories from pouring out of their mouths! It was as if we were friends who hadn’t met for a long time.

The newlyweds had travelled extensively prior to their arrival due to Lam’s job as a model. While they were initially headed for Malaysia, a last minute change of plans brought the loving couple here.

good hong kong serviced apartments singapore travel blog
Without having a clue of how to speak in the Cantonese language, Pace and Lam had a difficult time finding a place to settle down at first. Prior to arriving at Good HK, they had their fair share of staying in horror apartments. Think cramped, dirty and almost unlivable rooms. While they were on the verge of giving up, an email from the people at Good HK came to the rescue, and they liked what they saw in the pictures. After making a trip down to one of the Wan Chai apartments to take a look, they were sold.

Pace and Lam decided to relocate to the current Causeway Bay apartment shortly after the move. From the excitement in their eyes, you could tell that they really appreciated the cleaner environment and good location – centralized and convenient, but quiet along the streets. The big windows were an added bonus!

Despite the apartment being a tad concise, they thought it was the best feature because cleaning became much easier. It had also made them realize how much space they actually need.

To add on, the park that they spend most of their time at was just nearby. Their favourite activity is fitness. Needless to say, their every day is spent working out and speaking to people in the park.

When asked to describe Good Hong Kong in one word,

Pace: “Homely”.
Lam: “Cozy”.

The couple explained that since they’re used to travelling and staying at a lot of places that had been really bad. It’s like, you that know you’ve got to go back there, but you never really call it home. You wait to go to the next place.

But ever since their stay at Good Hong Kong, they unconsciously tell each other that they can’t wait to get back home.

good hong kong serviced apartments singapore travel blog
I was surprised at the good friendships they’d forged with the management of Good HK. In fact, they’d clicked so well that some of them were even witnesses at their wedding! Now that they’d exchanged their vows in Hong Kong, it holds an even more special place in their hearts.

Having stayed in Hong Kong for 3 months, Pace and Lam have plans of heading to Shanghai next. Although they see themselves as global citizens, the couple are looking to buy a piece of land to build a place they can call their own soon. They want to take the best of what they’ve learnt and spread it through food and teaching people the best skills from each culture.

But right now, they’re happier than ever from where they are.

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