It's 1 day shy of 2 months since my last update on this space.

People started raising concerns when I didn't refresh my Instagram accounts for 6 weeks, even switching it to private at some point.

"What have you been up to? Are you not blogging anymore?"

No. No, I'm still here.

It's just that... I am not a full-time blogger, and I have real commitments to deal with offline.

I'd started an internship at a big name company. I'm handling the social media aspect, and although I am only a mere intern, the projects I'm overseeing are merely a seed. My role is to make it sprout and grow. Not many young ones can relate, but the gruelling mind games in the working world, while slogging to make magic happen with unrealistic expectations, left me mentally exhausted and somewhat depressed. With that little bit of energy sucked out of me left, doing nothing but resting never felt this good before.

I've also made a life-changing decision for myself, which I'm currently preparing for. I will make the big announcement once everything is in place, but no, it does not involve me quitting social media. I have to admit though - I'm stressed out with the unnecessary competition in the blogosphere and the painting of a seemingly perfect life online. I want to do this blogging thing for myself again.

So yeah, I won't be gone anytime soon.

Thank you Acronis Singapore for the personalized jingle ball

So to readers of IISJONG all over the world who are still around, thank you for sticking by and supporting this humble site of mine.
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

Now, go out there and share some love~ :-*

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  1. I'm your biggest fan! Looking forward to more updates!