The day has come.

Finally, I can announce this - I received my Student Visa approval today. I'll be leaving Singapore for Melbourne, Australia in about a month's time. Never imagined the day I'd purchase a one-way flight ticket to an unfamiliar place would arrive so soon.

You don't notice my digital footsteps as often anymore because I'm putting my life on hold with the crazy load of preparation works that are giving me a headache, on top of trying to survive a demanding full-time job.

To be honest, even I am not sure of the answer to "How long will you be down under?" A year is definite, but there is a high chance that I will extend my stay, either to further my studies as a research graduate or to try my hands at working in a country outside of home.

This decision wasn't a rash one; life as an International Student always had me curious. How will lectures in an outspoken education system be like? Will I be able to decipher what lies behind the heavy Aussie accent? Am I ready for independence? I'm sure it'll be an experience of a lifetime as I attempt to blend into an unfamiliar culture and acquire global knowledge which I feel is essential in this shrinking world due to globalisation and advances in technology.

I am fully aware that I'll be spending the next few decades after graduation working towards being debt-free, but money can be earned back; my youth and the mysterious Overseas Experience door that awaits me cannot.

But this is not goodbye. Though I'd heard much about how snail-like the Internet connection can be, it won't deter me from my regular postings and updates. I'll continue to share my life on IISJONG based in a different country.

I've been to Brisbane but never stepped foot on Victoria before. Therefore, if you know of any good recommendations in Melbourne, hit me up! And to my Australian readers, I'd love to connect if possible. I already have plans for a continent tour!

Absolutely cannot wait for the new life to happen.


  1. have a FANTASTIC time studying overseas!!

  2. Hey dear! All the best to your future endeavors! :)


  3. Woohoo! Yay! Have fun babe, will miss seeing you around SG~

    1. Hahahaha thank you! I will miss your presence as well. Lemme know when you're going over alright! :)

  4. Looking forward to all your awesome posts from down under, babe. Have a great time!

    Roxanne at Laced Ivory

    1. Thank you so much, Roxanne! I will do my best! :)

  5. All the best in your new life down under!

  6. Hi :) I am also a Singapore based blogger - raised here since I was one years old, but i'm actually half Japanese, half filipino and I can totally relate to this post!

    I left Singapore last year to Sydney, Australia for University and I'm back in Singapore now because I'm on summer holidays but going to melbourne in 2 days to send my brother off to Uni and then after that back to Sydney to start my second year :)

    You will have an amazing time and it'll take a while to adapt to a new lifestyle, but you'll enjoy! Of course you'll miss Singapore a lot - I do even though I come back 3 times a year during every single holiday, haha! Let me know if there's anything you need help with, i'd gladly help. Or, if you ever come down to Sydney, I'd love to meet you!!

    Love, Yuka