If you're in Victoria, a tour to the Great Ocean Road should not be missed.

I had the privilege of escaping the city for a day with a small tour who accommodated to my last-minute adventurer instincts. The experience was an eye-opener - I would never have had the opportunity to relish in such eyegasm scenery, wildlife, and exotic plants back in Singapore.

Every turn along the way was a picturesque piece of art that Mother Nature painted. Even the little towns along the way had beautiful apartments and shop houses that I imagined only appeared in movies and dreams.

To make things even better, places I'd visited included not only the famous sites and icons of the Great Ocean Road, but a bunch of lesser-known gems that even the bigger tour buses do not have access to.


Wildlife Spotting - Bell's Beach - Split Point Lighthouse - Walk & Lunch in a Rain Forest - Twelve Apostles - Line Stone Rock Racks - London Bridge

 If my body was in a better condition, I'd have grabbed my backpack and went for the Great Ocean Road Walk! It's a sign to start pumping up my stamina, yes?

Or, perhaps, I could put a tick on my Caravan bucket list for the time being.

Anyhow, I'll definitely be back for you magnificent natural wonder again, mark my words. *.*

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