G'day mate, this is my first post from down under! Time passes really fast; in a blink of an eye, it's been 2 weeks since my arrival. I am settling in just fine, maybe a tad tired from all the administrative work I have to settle as an International Student. Furthermore, jet lag has been an enemy due to the difference of 3 hours between Melbourne and Singapore. Back in SG, I usually go to bed at 2am, which translates to 5am here.

8.30am classes? Bring the challenge on. *cue imaginary flames burning behind me*

The Woohoo

I cried like a baby when the reality of having to leave my old life sunk in, but alas, so far so good! In fact, life is relaxed and slow-paced here, which I thought I fit right into. :P Then again, that could also be because school has yet commenced.

What I am most thankful about is that most of the people I've met are generally nice and helpful!

Yay to mother nature! There are no worries being apart from Garden City because Melbs is full of greenery as well. In fact, the species here are unique since they have 4 seasons!

Port Melbourne Beach~

Even the skies and seas are more captivating.

I'm living right in the heart of the city, and that's awesome.

Idk why I still lose my way all the time though. #RoadIdiot

Unlike in Singapore where you can travel from one end to another in under 2 hours, Victoria is huge. This excites the adventurer in me to no end.

Calling for brave souls to get lost with me!

The variety of university modules to select from nearly had me pee in my pants. Pitching a tent on the enrolment website paid off - I managed to squeeze into the last available spaces for Graphic Design and New Media classes! Both I've been dying to learn but aren't being offered to me in Singapore.

Also, Farming The Future, anyone?

The Mehhh

Living abroad means the start of actual adulthood life. The things I've been trying to ninja my way out of are no longer avoidable. I am Google-ing my way through life every day. Household chores, cooking my own meals, settling of bills, shopping for groceries, etc. *pulls hair*

Thank all the Gods there are in the universe for convenient meal packs.

Brb, I need to heave this big sigh called responsibilities.

I'm studying communications, but ironically it hasn't been an easy journey conversing with ang mos (Caucasians). Communication barriers are present due to the Singlish way of talking which I'm accustomed to! I am also embarrassed that over this side of the world, my pronunciation is a complete mess. I have no idea how I scored those distinctions in national English oral examinations.....

Never thought my love for the audio option on my dictionary app will sky-rocket this quickly.

Time for a new accent and pronunciation lessons, yes?

That being said, with Singapore being a global economic powerhouse, boasting a long list of achievements as a top tier in many fields across the world, I STILL find myself trying to explain the existence of my motherland. "Is it in Malaysia?" "Which part of China?"

That's it, I'm wearing my SG50 scarf with the word Singapore spelled in caps the next time I'm going out.

Is this really year 2016?

As the Chinese saying goes “ 在家靠父母,出门靠朋友” (At home one relies on one's parents and outside on one's friends). The thought of making the switch from selectively social to full-on social butterfly freaks me out, but having support and connections are undoubtedly essential when you're overseas by yourself. It hadn't been working all that well yet; I gotta suck it up and just do it.

I'm an awkward turtle and I cannot lie.

I have to abandon my title as a glutton because ARE YOU KIDDING ME, $13 for a bowl of Laksa that's not even yummy!? I am already missing my $3.50 Hokkien Mee back in SG! :'(

On a positive note, overpriced food means I'll be eating lesser, yes?

I pieced up a short vlog with the few videos I took in my first week upon arriving in this new city. I hope you'll enjoy it!

Here are also some pictures that I took. You can follow me on my social media accounts if you'd like to see more. Will also share the rest in the next few posts!

Entering the State Library of Victoria feels like walking into the set of Harry Potter *.*


Melbourne's Chinatown - my secret go-to place for HK egg tarts

Sunset in expensive, Sentosa Cove-ish Docklands

I don't usually take selfies, but when I do, I shamelessly end my post off with a bunch of them.

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