I was thinking about when I should bounce back from my unspoken break from social media, and it seemed like nothing was apter than now. Because earlier this week, I turned a year older (the above pictures were from a birthday-ish getaway trip last weekend to Mount Martha in Victoria, yay!)

Taylor Swift lied to me - not everything turned out alright despite the many attempts I danced and tried to shake it off as a 22-year-old. I went through my first and worst internship experience, moved to nearly the end of the earth by myself, attempted to be a student whilst juggling with adult duties, opened my eyes to the real struggles of the disadvantaged and NFP/NGOs, lost a loved one, drifted away from good friends, failed miserably to open up to new ones, ended my hush-hush relationship of 6 years, floundered about to accept that I might be suffering from mild depression, and etc.

But at the same time, I am thankful for the roller coaster year that tested my independence as an extremely sheltered and privileged person. It was the numerous firsts I'd experienced that are moulding me into the "better person" I am searching for. 

So here's to the various challenges that will dawn upon me, the numerous people who have and will walk into my life to teach me a thing or two, the more than extra love that the world needs, and going head on with countless of life's adventures.

Cheers to turning twenty-three!

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