Hi there, my name is Joey Ong! You can call me Jong. :)

I am a Singaporean Communications graduate who's currently pursuing a Business Management postgraduate degree and residing in Australia.

I started blogging at the age of 12 as an online diary meant for the eyes of my friends. Maybe it was due to my shy nature, I fell in love with the idea of sharing through my blog because I got to express myself more through writing. Several domains later, I gave birth to Iisjong.com to reach out to a wider and more serious audience, and as a platform to disseminate my constant curiousity for the randomness of things. Furthermore, I also wanted to prove to my disapproving parents that blogging is not a waste of time.

Indeed, I am lucky for blogging has opened up many doors of opportunities for me.

Pronounced as I-is-Jong, no, I did not fail my English grammar! Rather, it reflects on the light-heartedness of the blog that I want to portray. This Lifestyle blog voices out the stories and thoughts from my everyday life as a student living in Singapore.

I want to uncover the beauty of the world from my perspective through my camera lenses and words, one article at a time.

Though I live in my own world of blur majority of the time, but astonishingly, I have won a great deal of prizes for my ideas, photography and bizarre fashion outfits at various media events and blog contests.

Outside of blogging, I plunge into all sorts of stuff! If you find me familiar.....

Student Guest on MediaCorp Channel U’s Youth Talk Show "Let’s Talk 你在囧什么?"

Guest on Radio 100.3FM《热打Hot Issue》Segment

Calefare for Joys of Life 花样人间, MediaCorp Channel 8 Drama

Shaw IMAX Commercial

Guest Blogger for a year at MyFatPocket, one of Singapore's leading women's portals.

The Straits Time RazorTV Feature

Samsung Reporter to Gangnam, Seoul with SKarf

Calefare for Busy Body 今天我是谁, MediaCorp Channel 8 Drama

I am particularly fond of dabbling into a bit of everything; to gain experiences and to challenge myself. Life is unpredictably short to blend in with everyone else.

Follow me as I show you the Jong Style! ヽ(^。^)